PMAN Hosts Top Nigerian Music and Comedy Personalities at #PMANhouseHangout9


PMAN Hosts Top Nigerian Music and Comedy
Personalities at #PMANhouseHangout9

The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) held a spectacular event on Friday,
June 30th, bringing together some renowned music and comedy personalities in the Nigerian
entertainment industry. The event, tagged #PMANhouseHangout9, which took place in Lekki, Lagos
state proved to be a memorable gathering of music, laughter, and networking.
The event was graced by the presence of distinguished artist, comedians, and skit makers, who
added their uniqueness to the vibrant atmosphere, among the notable personalities in attendance were
Hit maker Goya Menor, an exceptional artist known for his captivating music and stage presence,
Comedians,Host/hypeman, Big Smart, and skit makers Mc Mbakara, Ade. Amaka, and Tiktoker
Ammie, Jeff Da Ruler, Big Smart, and the England-based sensation Sean Dampte, who brought their
musical prowess to the stage, captivating the crowd with their electrifying performances. The event was
further enhanced by the presence of Elvis Nelson CTO from Musifiq Entertainment, amongst others.
PMAN House Hangout aims to foster collaboration, networking, and celebrate Nigerian music and
entertainment talents. It provided a platform for artists and entertainers to connect, exchange ideas, and
explore potential partnerships within the industry as well as get educated on the new improved PMAN.
The #PMANhouseHangout9 event successfully creates an environment where creativity, innovation,
and unity were celebrated.
The success of #PMANhouseHangout9 reaffirms PMAN’s renewed commitment to supporting and
promoting the interests of Nigerian musicians and entertainers. With events like these, PMAN plan to
play a vital role in shaping the Nigerian entertainment landscape, fostering unity, and amplifying the
voices of talented artists and performers. Some of the guests had a few things to say;
“PMAN should help us out against the infringement on our music”
– Goya Menor
“I used to see PMAN as a protest group, but the new PMAN looks great”
– Mc Mbakara
“We are open to coming in to share ideas that can help move the union and the industry forwards “
– Big Smart
“It will be great for other gen z to come in and see what you are doing here”
– Ammie
We look forward to the next edition and more from the new PMAN.For more information about PMAN
and upcoming events, please visit or follow them on social media @PMANHQ.

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