The Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) concluded its national elections on October 24, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria

The Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) concluded its national elections on October 24, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria, featuring significant developments and changes within the leadership structure.

The elections witnessed a mix of unopposed returns, emotional decisions, and notable alterations in key positions. Notably, Pretty Okafor, amidst persistent pressure from delegates, was returned unopposed as the President of PMAN.

Okafor, who initially opted not to contest, yielded to the fervent requests of the state chapters, which rallied financial support for his election. Consequently, all other candidates for the presidency were disqualified as they failed to meet the financial membership requirements stipulated in the PMAN constitution.

In a similar vein, Suny Neji, the 1st Vice President, and Zaaki Azaay 2nd Vice President both retained their positions unopposed, owing to the disqualification of competing candidates for non-compliance with PMAN’s membership regulations.

Contrastingly, the incumbent National Treasurer, Asha Gangali, faced defeat in the election, resulting in the assumption of office by Baba Ojonugwa (JFO) as the new PMAN National Treasurer.

Additionally, Ruggedman was returned unopposed, securing his position without facing any contenders.

The General Secretary of PMAN in person of Boniface Itodo (Aita Bonny) was also reappointed and continues to serve in the same capacity.

Furthermore, Mr. Bem Faga (Bem P) was appointed as the Assistant General Secretary of PMAN, bringing fresh perspectives and support to the association’s administrative framework.

The recent PMAN national elections mark a pivotal moment for the organization, reflecting its commitment to upholding membership standards and ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of the Nigerian music industry.

Several PMAN state chapters purchased election forms and forcefully compelled Pretty Okafor to contest.

Failure to do so would have resulted in the stalling of the election process, as his absence in the leadership of PMAN was perceived as a potential hindrance to the association’s progress.

PMAN Hosts Top Nigerian Music and Comedy Personalities at #PMANhouseHangout9

PMAN Hosts Top Nigerian Music and Comedy
Personalities at #PMANhouseHangout9

The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) held a spectacular event on Friday,
June 30th, bringing together some renowned music and comedy personalities in the Nigerian
entertainment industry. The event, tagged #PMANhouseHangout9, which took place in Lekki, Lagos
state proved to be a memorable gathering of music, laughter, and networking.
The event was graced by the presence of distinguished artist, comedians, and skit makers, who
added their uniqueness to the vibrant atmosphere, among the notable personalities in attendance were
Hit maker Goya Menor, an exceptional artist known for his captivating music and stage presence,
Comedians,Host/hypeman, Big Smart, and skit makers Mc Mbakara, Ade. Amaka, and Tiktoker
Ammie, Jeff Da Ruler, Big Smart, and the England-based sensation Sean Dampte, who brought their
musical prowess to the stage, captivating the crowd with their electrifying performances. The event was
further enhanced by the presence of Elvis Nelson CTO from Musifiq Entertainment, amongst others.
PMAN House Hangout aims to foster collaboration, networking, and celebrate Nigerian music and
entertainment talents. It provided a platform for artists and entertainers to connect, exchange ideas, and
explore potential partnerships within the industry as well as get educated on the new improved PMAN.
The #PMANhouseHangout9 event successfully creates an environment where creativity, innovation,
and unity were celebrated.
The success of #PMANhouseHangout9 reaffirms PMAN’s renewed commitment to supporting and
promoting the interests of Nigerian musicians and entertainers. With events like these, PMAN plan to
play a vital role in shaping the Nigerian entertainment landscape, fostering unity, and amplifying the
voices of talented artists and performers. Some of the guests had a few things to say;
“PMAN should help us out against the infringement on our music”
– Goya Menor
“I used to see PMAN as a protest group, but the new PMAN looks great”
– Mc Mbakara
“We are open to coming in to share ideas that can help move the union and the industry forwards “
– Big Smart
“It will be great for other gen z to come in and see what you are doing here”
– Ammie
We look forward to the next edition and more from the new PMAN.For more information about PMAN
and upcoming events, please visit or follow them on social media @PMANHQ.


Incorporating your brand name to avoid double taxation and financial literacy were part of what was discussed at the #PMANhousehangout7 with Mr Real, Aproko Comedian and more inside the headquarters of the Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria on the 27th of January 2023.

American label owner, movie producer, singer song writer Samuel Peterson was in the house and shared his deep knowledge of entertainment from the American and African point of view.

Young entertainment lawyers, managers and performing artists all registered while discussing with PMAN president Pretty Okafor and his excos like Zaaki Azzay, Asha Gangali, Ruggedman, Aita Boni and Sunny Neji on how to move the industry and the union forward.

It was another successful PMAN registration House hangout.

Blackfacenaija, Tony Tetuila, Oy Productions, Dj Ice Queen, Dj Josh & Dami Adenuga storm #PMANhousehangout

#PMANhousehangout 3 was epic as BlackfaceNaija formerly of the group “Plantashun Boiz” and Tony Tetuila formerly of the group “The Remedies” stormed the Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) headquarters.

BlackfaceNaija did not come alone. He came with Escafini Da Don and members of his “Tribunal” in the person’s of Rocksteady and Ras Mic.

As if the house was not packed enough, female dj and singer Ice Queen, Oy Productions, Dj Josh and social media Guru Dami Adenuga also dropped in.
The visit was amazing as PMAN president Pretty Okafor took them all on a tour of the office, answered all questions they had and they all ended up registering and becoming bonafied members of PMAN.
BlackfaceNaija had even registered online before coming to the office.
If you are a Nigerian entertainer, do not wait to be told. Register now to be protected and get access to benefits like health insurance, life insurance, pension plans. Legal Representation and more.
Register online via or walk into any Zenith Bank branch. The fee is six thousand naira.
For more information contact 08131903468

More young artists register at the #PMANhousehangout2

30th December 2022 saw #PMANhousehangout 2 witness another group of young Nigerian artists visit the new Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) headquarters inside Chevron Lekki.
Jeff The Ruler, Lucas Savage, Manie G and Sjay all hung out, saw the new office and got to learn more about the union.
They all registered and became genuine members of the union.
They were happy to spend some time with the PMAN president Pretty Okafor and some of his excos present, like Sunny Neji, Ruggedman, Aita Boni and Zaaki Azzay.
PMAN is going all out to protect the Nigerian entertainers as they are rightfully supposed to be.
To register and have access to the benefits, do it online via
You can walk into any Zenith Bank branch. The fee is six thousand naira.
For more information contact +234 813 190 3468

More young artists register at the #PMANhousehangout2

Skales and some young artists visit new PMAN headquarters to register Membership

Skales and some young artists visit new PMAN headquarters to register at the #pmanhousehangout inside Chevy View Estate, Chevron Lekki.

Friday 23rd Dec 2022 was the 1st “PMAN House hangout” with Skales and some other young artists like Yada, YNK, Yarodin and Rekon.
Skales and some young artists visit new PMAN headquarters
Skales and some young artists visit new PMAN headquarters
They met with President Pretty Okafor & a few of his excos in the person’s of The treasurer Ashagangali ,Gen sec Aita Bonny & Ruggedman.
PMAN is The Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria. Africa’s biggest music body.
They were shown around the newly acquired PMAN headquarters and could not hide their excitement at the fact that there is a PMAN FM now.
They also learnt about the benefits of registered members.
Benefits like
* Access to health insurance.
* Access to small loans from 5 million naira.
* Life insurance.
* A pension plan and more.
Amidst pizza and drinks, they all registered to become official members and went to the Google playstore and downloaded PMANFM.
Be you a singer, rapper. Producer, song writer, music engineer, record label. As long as you are into entertainment, you can
REGISTER online and get benefits via  or walk into any Zenith Bank branch.