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PMANPerforming Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria

By the year 2018, if these initiatives are applied, our creative Industry will expand and be an envy amongst many.



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A revolutionary way to manage Nigeria creative content<br /> Creative Industry Apps to help curb the piracy of intellectual works in Nigeria. The Creative Industry app has an interactive and an exciting forum for the entire creative industry which will help in registration, barcoding and encoding of our creative intellectual property through the Biometric I.D card system.



The new PMAN is here for you.<br /> PMAN is working assiduously to ensure that the entertainment and creative industries take their rightful place in the Nigerian economy as it has the potential to help generate N15 Trillion naira to Nigeria’s GDP annually.


PMAN:Brief History

By the year 2018, if these initiatives are applied, our creative Industry will expand and be an envy amongst many.

The Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is the only registered Trade Union in Nigeria that relates to creativity and entertainment in Nigeria. PMAN was set up as the regulator for these industries. However in the over 32 years of PMAN’s existence, its focus has only been limited to Music and Musicians.

This changed about 3 years ago when Mr. Pretty Okafor the current elected president and his executives stepped in. Several anomalies were detected in the way the union was being run from inception but presently a sense of calm and normalcy is returning to the union with the backing of the Federal Government of Nigeria through its Ministry Of Information And Culture. From the Caretaker Committee to run the affairs of the Union and conduct credible elections, Pretty Okafor was elected unopposed and emerged President of the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria for the next 4 years along with his executives which include Sunny Neji, Tolu Obey, Felix Duke, Zaaky Azzay, Rugged Man, Asha Gangali, Tuface Idibia, Olu Maintain. These are popular, competent and reputable people who have been involved in the music business for years either as musicians or industry practitioners.

In the 18 months as interim caretaker committee, it was discovered that there are over 5 million active musicians in Nigeria but there was no database and no way to actually verify these claims. Many initiatives have been undertaken by the new administrators of the union. These first steps are leading us to bigger and better things as many sectors of the society are recognizing these efforts and intentions and are reaching out to partner and sponsor different initiatives and events.

In 18 months, we:-

• Purchased the PMAN Server which has a capacity to store over 32 billion data and is currently being housed by the Nigerian Inter Banking Settlement System – (NIBSS) and Rebranded PMAN, a Trade Union strongly rooted in all the 36 states of the federation.

• Rejuvenated active state chapters.

• Identified the creative industry which is being turned into a creative economy that has the potential to generate N15 trilllion naira into the Nation’s GDP of when all the structures are put into place.

• Launched the PMAN Biometric I.D card.

• Monitored by The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).• Are registering musicians 1st with a short SMS to get a unique reg. code number which they take to the designated banks to open their royalty accounts and other identification issues their PMAN picture I.D. cards.

Recently the Ministry of Information, Arts & Culture partnered with PMAN on many issues including the declaration of an annual national Anti-Piracy day on November 30; a pronouncement that all creative works from Nigeria must be barcoded before being aired, played or brought so that we the owners of the works will be protected from piracy, enjoy the benefit of their works and also contribute to the GDP of the nation via taxes etc. and also generally to develop the Nigerian Entertainment And Creative Industry.

The new PMAN is restructuring to provide a system that works for the union as the employers of labour to over 5 million youths yearly. The union is on the path to be better able to better manage creative practitioners, businesses and managers. PMAN need to build capacity to enable it learn to make wise investments, save for tomorrow and leave a legacy for generations to come. These will be through better education and enlightenment. Acquired skills and an understanding through international best practices of how to harness the vast potentials existent in our business and economy and make same sustainable.

By the year 2018, if these initiatives are applied, our creative Industry will expand and be an envy amongst many. It is in the light of this that PMAN seeks partnership and collaboration with The University Of Stellebosch Executive Development Education to craft customized programmes that pertain to our needs as an industry and to help build and impact same..

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